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“A cloud-based presentation software that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides. The zoomable canvas makes it fun to explore ideas and the connections between them. The result: visually captivating presentations that lead your audience down a path of discover.”


Prezi is a free online presentation tool which helps us create presentations allowing you to portray your presentation is a non-linear way zooming from one idea to the next. A presentation created with Prezi is more dynamic and has a better visual impact then PowerPoint. Prezi does not work with the traditional slides like Powerpoint but it is just one big giant canvas where you can add text, pictures, videos, etc and place them wherever you want to. Once that is done,  a path is created by adding links from one object to another.  This creates an interesting and captivating way of conveying the information one wants to impart to his audience.

How to integrate Prezi into our teaching:

  • Prezi may be used for any type presentations which we usually create using PowerPoint.
  • Great for showing Timelines
  • Using Prezi for Vocabulary: type in a word to be defined and then zoom in on the meaning and image accompanying the new word
  • Just as we encourage our pupils to create PPT presentations, we can teach them to create new Prezi to help them revise a topic
  • Zooming into details of eg a picture
  • Teachers may upload handouts and worksheets (in PDF format) for class discussions
  • Embedding a YouTube video
  • Pupils may be encouraged to create their own Prezi to present it to the class (show & tell)

….And all this for free!!!


  • May be downloaded to watch offline
  • May create an educational account for multiple users to use simultaneously (excellent for the classroom situation)
  • Students may work collaboratively on a single project

How to create a Prezi:

  1. Click on New prezi
  2. Fill in Title information and description (optional).  Click on ‘New Prezi’
  3. Click anywhere on the canvas to start typing
  4. Use the compass on the upper left hand corner to navigate the editing canvas
  5. Insert images, YouTube videos or shapes into your canvas
  6. Choose your theme for your canvas and text
  7. Create a path for Playback.
  8. Click on ‘Show’ from the Navigation Wheel
  9. From the top menu, you can save, undo, invite others to watch or edit the prezi, print prezi as a PDF file, get help using Prezi or Exit the Prezi.
  10. You have the option of sharing it or embedding it into a blog
             Below find an interesting video introducing Prezi:

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