Benefits when using tablet technology Prt 3

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3.Embedded digital assessment.

A benefit of digital content is the ability to embed assessment within learning tools.  When content is delivered in digital format, it is easy to create quizzes and short tests to evaluate understanding and knowledge.  Such tools provide immediate feedback for students and teachers can keep track of classroom activities and individual student achievement.  Using the SAMR (Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition) model, I am supporting the teachers to transform subject content and represent it in ways that makes it accessible to individual learners by making use of the various tools available online.  Today’s classrooms are becoming fully wireless allowing teachers to ‘harvest and aggregate students’ contributions’ (Roschelle et al, 2007).  Decreasing the time it takes teachers and students to get feedback, improves teaching and learning by encouraging students to reflect and monitor their own progress.  Numerous online educational games and applications claiming to enhance learning through immediate feedback are available for use on mobile devices and educators are spoilt for choice.

However, simply telling a child if he is right or wrong does not necessarily lead to learning.  Feedback that includes ‘an explanation as to what about a child’s response is accurate and what is inaccurate is the most effective type of feedback’ (Druin, 2009).  Learning is also increased when children are asked to keep on working on a task until they succeed.

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